Sponsoring students from primary to tertiary education

We have been sponsoring students in underdeveloped areas in Guangdong (notably in Liannan, the mountainous region in the northwestern part of the province) since the inception of Po Yin in 1988. In 2003, we extended our works to Guizhou. Thus far, we have sponsored hundreds of primary school children there. (Click onto Sponsorship Programmes for more details)

Improving school facilities

Many school premises are in need of repair due to natural disasters and lack of funds for maintenance. We therefore use some of the donations to rebuild or renovate school buildings and other facilities.

Promoting cultural exchange

To facilitate cultural exchange and experience sharing, we organize visits to Liannan for students and other groups in Hong Kong several times a year.

Supporting quality education

We sponsor teachers' training, provide teaching aids, and assist voluntary teachers and other groups from Hong Kong in organizing educational activities in our sponsored schools.

Training local volunteers

We provide training to our sponsored students and assist them in organizing voluntary service to help the needy in their villages. One of the projects we have launched is the Brothers and Sisters Programme, in which senior form students organize tutorials and experience sharing for junior form students. On several occasions, we provided resources for our students to organize a distribution of warm clothes to the elderly and poverty stricken households. <<More>>

Providing disaster aid

In the unfortunate event that the districts we serve are inflicted by disasters, we solicit resources and mobilize our local networks to distribute emergency supplies to the victims. During the cold spell in 2008, we quickly organized a donation campaign, and used the money raised to purchase blankets and warm clothes. The headmasters, the teachers and the students in our sponsored schools helped distribute the supplies.

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