One-to-One Project (Primary Education)

From our inception, we sponsored the primary education of thousands of school children in Liannan through the One-to-One Project. Under this project, we encourage the children to express their thanks to their sponsors through letters or drawings. Some of those correspondences blossom into long-term friendship between the sponsor and the sponsored.

With the introduction of nine years of compulsory education in Guangdong, school fees and miscellaneous charges have been waived in primary schools. We therefore terminated this project in Liannan.

In 2003, we extended our sponsorship programme to Guizhou, with the help of 'Wu Mu Geng Tang Education Sponsorship Co Ltd. We assisted in rebuilding five primary schools, including Ling Pei Primary School, Bai Li Primary School, Zi Lu Primary School, Gao Kan Primary School, and Gui Zhong Primary School. Thus far, we have sponsored hundreds of needy children in those primary schools. <<More>>


Sapling Project (Secondary Education - Senior Middle School)

Trapped in poverty, few students can afford higher education. Yet, uplifting the quality of people is the most crucial factor in breaking the poverty cycle. The Sapling project encourages academically capable students to continue their education in senior middle schools and technical institutes, with a view to improving their competitiveness and enriching their lives.

Started in Nangang in 2002, this project was extended to six other Yao districts in 2008. Most of the students we sponsor are studying in Liannan Senior Middle School. A few are in Qingyuan Senior Middle School and Lianzhou Middle School. Some are in technical institutes. <<More>>

Sponsorship for Tertiary Education

University education used to be a remote dream for students in the underdeveloped mountainous villages. In 2003, we initiated a pilot project to make this dream come true for those who really strive hard. Since 2007, the project has been helped by Ai Cheng Scholarship (donated by one of Po Yin's sponsors) that provides scholarship for high achievers.

Our sponsored students have responded to the generosity of our donors with serving hearts. They have taken initiative to organize voluntary service in their villages, such as conducting tutorials for students in middle schools during summer holidays. <<More>>


Sponsoring School Improvement

Village schools operate under very tight budget. They have limited resources in improving school facilities and acquiring teaching aids.

Since the inception of Po Yin, we have assisted a number of schools in their rebuilding and maintenance projects. Where needed, we also provided financial support for the acquisition of school facilities, equipment and teaching aids. We carefully assess the needs of the schools and closely monitor the use of funds. <<More>>


Seedling Project (Secondary Education - Junior Middle School)

In the past, we provided sponsorship to eligible boarders in Nangang Middle School (a junior middle school) to ease their financial burden on food and accommodation. Since 2011, the boarding fee has been waived and the county government has provided students with food subsidies, the Seedling Project was discontinued. <<More>>


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