Hong Kong Po Yin Association for the Development of Education Co. Ltd. (Po Yin) was set up in 1988 to promote education in Hong Kong and in poverty-stricken areas in China. Its members come from all walks of life. Among them are educational professionals, social workers, administrative personnel and finance practitioners, etc. Po Yin is registered with the Hong Kong Government as a charitable organization (Registration Number: 91/3032).

Our Objective

We strive to make quality education accessible to more children in remote areas through offering sponsorship, improving school facilities, providing counseling, and organizing activities to broaden their exposure. We encourage our sponsored students to organize and participate in voluntary service to serve their villages. It is our hope that, a culture of 'helping out' will gradually take root in the areas that we serve.

Our Belief

It is our firm belief that, education is the most effective way to unearth the treasure within each child. Knowledge casts out ignorance, enriches the lives of the children, and brings them out of the vicious poverty cycle.

Our Principle

All our members are volunteers. With the exception of a few specified projects and activities, our members fund their own travel expenses (including transport, meals and accommodation, etc). There are clear guidelines governing the few projects and activities that are eligible for travel subsidies. Anyone interested can contact the Association for a copy of the guidelines.

All our programmes and activities are conducted in accordance with the laws, regulations and policies of the local authorities. We do not involve ourselves in any form of political or religious activities.

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